Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weapon - Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov Cocktail is a home-brewed weapon that some of the video game players in our community may be more familiar with due to games such as Left 4 Dead which emphasize this item as a premier zombie-killing weapon.

The concept behind a Molotov is quite simple. Utilizing either highly flammable household chemicals, agents, or alcohols, the user creates a homemade bomb by placing these agents along with some kind of a fuse into a glass bottle and lobbing it at their enemy. The glass then shatters on impact, spreading flame to whatever it touches.

The theory behind this weapon is quite sound. Fire has been shown to be effective in the complete destruction of the undead by not only burning away their bodies, reducing them to ash and thus making regeneration or resurrection impossible, but very commonly also sterilizing any viral or bacterial agent that may help to spread the undead infection. The use there-on in, however, is quite different.

The first thing to consider when using this weapon is to remember that reality is not a video game and this is not an excellent weapon to use in the blaze of battle, especially not if you are in the thick of it. Fire is unforgiving and will burn everything it touches, be it alive or undead, friend or foe. It does not choose sides, it only consumes. Secondly, is that, while in video games this end-all-be-all weapon will neutralize an enemy within seconds, burning a human body actually takes multiple hours. As zombies do not experience pain, being on fire will thus not be a deterrent from any of their regular actions, and will not stop them from attacking as they frankly could not care less. Lastly, the absolute last thing you want is a walking torch that does not care what it does or touches as this will allow the fire to spread to just about anything...trees, buildings, other zombies, you, your sanctuaries, your name it. The last thing you want is a group of hungry fireballs banging on your door and setting your safe haven ablaze with you inside.

So, while we highly recommend the usage of fire as a means of clean-up with regards to burning bodies and getting rid of any infection, it does not make a strong with regards to combat. While we will cover it more in depth later, the usage of fire in a trap can be useful in done properly, attempting to burn a horde that is approaching you, especially with homemade explosives, is not the best idea.

For tips like this and more, we recommend referring to Max Brook's The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead as he also makes several relevant points with regards to the Molotov Cocktail as well as utilizing fire in general as a weapon.

Stay safe out there, Survivors.

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  1. If only they worked as well as they did in L4D....