Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tactics and Strategies

Tactics and Strategies

There is more to surviving the undead and any given zombie scenario than simply swinging a crowbar at any flesh muncher you might see or hiding in a tree house til the trouble blows over. Based not only on the severity of a situation, but on environmental and group dynamics such as the health, strength, number, and permanency of a solution, certain tactics and strategies may be required to survive particular scenarios.

Strategies may involve ways of find food and water, means of clearing out and area or defending one's self or one's group from the undead, locating a suitable location to survive, so on and so forth.

Simply navigate through the categories below and click on any given tactic to gain more information.

Basic Survival:

Dealing with the Living: 

Avoiding the Dead: 

Dealing with Zombies: 
Aim for the Dead

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