Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sanctuaries and Safe Houses

Sanctuaries and Safe Houses

A major keynote for surviving any "zombie" situation is finding a safe place. Now, this place can serve any number of purposes. It could be a shelter in the storm, a sanctuary to which you can ride out of the worst of the outbreak. It may serve as a safehouse or command center to which you or your group can re-group and refresh themselves before venturing back out into the trials of the world. It very well could be a vantage point to gain leverage before a battle. Hell, it might be as simple as a place to sleep and move on.

The point is, the human body, no matter how fit, trained, or toned, cannot be in a perpetual state of motion. At some point we must break down, at the very least to rest ourselves, lest we drop dead in our tracks and join the shambling masses; therefore a sanctuary is necessary one way or another.

Below you will find a variety of safe houses and sanctuaries that you may utilize during a zombie situation which you may run across in a range of different environmental settings. Simply click on anything you might believe is useful to identify the benefits or disadvantages of a particular location.

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